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Cup Lock is a unique node point connection allows up to four horizontal members to be connected to a vertical members in one single action – without the use of nuts and bolts or wedges. The locking device is formed by two cups Top & Bottom Cup. Single node point action of unique locking make Cup lock a fast, versatile and optimized systems of scaffolding .Cup lock Scaffolding for variety of applications just like , Slab, Façade ,Any work of Outer side of building & Plastering Work , Support wall formwork ,demolition and maintenance projects throughout the globe.


  • Cup lock systems –Erect easy to stand –say no to nuts and bolts or wedges
  • Just a simple locking Top cup allows locking and resists sabotage at each node point on the standards enables connection of the ends of up to four members in one locking action.
  • Cup lock systems – Versatile for staging and access around any structures, best suitable for access or formwork support.
  • It can be erected by unskilled labor. It’s very easy to work, handle it and move very fast.
  • Cup lock Systems –timely tested and proven design with safety accessories cup lock systems has a proven performance history on an extensive number of sites, meeting the requirements of the various statutory bodies.
  • Quick fastening of horizontals. Only 4 horizontals can be fastened at one time with firm clamping action of top cup making the joint rigid.
  • Quick / fast / solid erection and dismantling result in time and labor saving.
  • Widely and versatile use in construction, demolition or maintenance projects for any type of structure i.e. straight or curved.
  • Lightweight but high loads carrying capacity.
  • Easy to Storage and Staking and Utilizes minimum space and maximum benefit in Transport cost less.
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