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Formwork is a dia or a mould including all Supporting Structures. Used to shape and support the concrete until it attains sufficient strength to carry its own weight. It should be capable of carrying all imposed dead and live loads apart from its own weight .New materials such as Steel, Aluminum, Plastic, FRP sheet are used in formwork. As per Structure detail of work attention is being given to the design, fabrication, erection and dismantling of formwork.


  • Light in weight so very easy to handle
  • No water leakages. So, Water – Cement ratio can be maintained, resulting into better strength
  • Jointing arrangement is by nut – bolts. Hence easier & faster, assembly & dis assembly
  • Designed to withstand RCC load. Hence, no additional strengthening is required. Supports are
  • required only for attaining vertical
  • Smooth surface. So no other releasing chemical required
  • More number of releases is assured.
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